13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (2024)

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Wayzata is a lakeside city filled with main street style, good dining, and plenty of options to have a good time. You won’t want to miss these top attractions in Wayzata. These are the top things to do in Wayzata, Minnesota.

Lake Minnetonka is a true gem. Finding a city that resides directly on the water is a different experience. You can use one of these lakeside towns to get away for a weekend, slow down time, or spend a day exploring.

Wayzata was featured as one of our favorite things to do around Lake Minnetonka, and rightfully so. You’ll see why. As a former resident and still a homeowner in Wayzata, I’ll provide some of the local spots and best ways to explore downtown Wayzata in style. We’ve been to the Minneapolis riverwalk, the suburbs, and the back.

There’s only a handful of cultural experiences similar to Wayzata and it’s simply a must-see attraction while visiting the Twin Cities.

What We Cover

  • What is Wayzata, Minnesota, Known for?
  • Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota
  • Golf on the Lake During Winter… Yes, it’s called the Chilly Open
  • Brunch Hard at Benedict’s
  • Visit Grays Bay Dam Park
  • Stroll or Drive Along Ferndale Avenue
  • Visit Wuollet’s Bakery for Breakfast
  • Paddle Board, Relax, and Picnic at Wayzata Beach
  • Like Rooftops? Go to the Roof at 6Smith
  • Shop at Local Boutiques
  • Live and Dine in Nautical Fashion at Cov Wayzata
  • Visit the Train Depot with Kids

What is Wayzata, Minnesota, Known for?

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Wayzata is a posh, quaint town located directly on the northern end of Lake Minnetonka. A straight 15-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, Wayzata has long been known as a resort area of the Twin Cities dating back to the mid-1800s when people would ride horses and buggies to spend the summer along Lake Minnetonka.

In 1852, two pioneer families settled on the present site of downtown Wayzata. The first of these families was Oscar Garrison. Mr. Garrison built a cabin at the intersection of Lake Street and Broadway Avenue in downtown Wayzata.

From there, downtown Wayzata boomed into a local downtown featuring the main street, railroad hub, and various residential buildings, making this one of Minnesota’s most desirable locations.

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Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota

As fellow Minnesotans and former Wayzata residents, we are honored to provide you with the best things to do in downtown Wayzata. Both during winter and summer.

Golf on the Lake During Winter… Yes, it’s called the Chilly Open

Okay, this festival only happens once a year, but it’s awesome. The Chilly Open is a true Minnesotan experience. It’s something that you can’t get anywhere else. They have yoga and movies on the frozen lake during the winter.

Additionally, they offer to golf on Wayzata Bay while it is frozen. It’s an awesome experience and a great way to experience some down-to-earth Minnesotan culture. They even offered free sled dog rides on Lake Minnetonka. What’s not to love about that?

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Stay at The Hotel Landing & Dine at the 925 Restaurant

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (3)

Address: 925 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Hotel Landing is one of the few hotels in downtown Wayzata. Walking distance from all the best spots in Wayzata, including Benedicts and Cov, the Landing is a dog-friendly hotel with a modern vibe.

The hotel is home to an underrated restaurant called 925. The 925 restaurant has excellent burrata (check it out below) and a great food selection.

The best part about 925 is the happy hour. Their happy hour isby farthe best happy hour in all of Wayzata. They have a selection of tap wines and appetizers for under $5.

You’d never guess it when you walk inside – the restaurant is gorgeous, and the food is top-notch. The happy hour is a steal that everyone should enjoy!

Grab some happy hour, dinner, or brunch on the outdoor patios. The second-floor balcony sneaks a view of Lake Minnetonka!

Brunch Hard at Benedict’s

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (5)

Address: 845 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

We love Benedict’s. It’s a true brunch spot offering amazing mid-day drinks and great food. When we lived in Wayzata, we came here basically every weekend. Their hash browns are to die for…thin as angel hair pasta and crunchy as ever, these are some hash browns you cannot get anywhere else.

Our favorite things on the menu are the Gravlox and chilaquiles. The Gravlax is a salmon benedict with fresh smoked salmon on top of a bed of spinach and tomatoes covered with just the right amount of hollandaise. It comes with hashbrowns – obviously.

The staff at Benedict’s completes the package. The staff is friendly, helpful, and personable. We recommend meeting at the bar to meet and mingle with the locals and bartenders.

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Grab a Guinness & Watch a Soccer Match at McCormick’s

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Address: 331 Broadway Ave S, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

McCormick’s Irish Pub is a great spot for any season. The second you walk through their doors, you feel like you’re in Ireland. Golf flags and Irish advertisem*nts line the walls for a cozy feel.

Stop in for a Guinness or other Irish beer and watch a football match – either soccer or American football – it’s a great spot to watch. One side of McCormick’s is dedicated to family suppers and weekend brunch. A full menu offers Irish classics such as pot pies, chips, and salads.

The other side – our favorite side – is a small pub with space to stand, sit, and relax. You can order off the full menu on the pub side and enjoy their excellent happy hour. We recommend the truffle fries!

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Visit Grays Bay Dam Park

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (7)

Address: 16501 Grays Bay Blvd, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Grays Bay Dam Park is one of the lesser-known spots to hit in Wayzata. It’s a great park for a walk where you can stroll and experience the scenery of beautiful Lake Minnetonka.

Perfect for sunset or sunrise strolls and light fishing. You can also launch a canoe or kayak and coast down the river as far as Edina! If you want to save money with the family or have a cheap day spot, explore Grays Bay Dam Park and the surrounding neighborhoods for a few hours.

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Stroll or Drive Along Ferndale Avenue

Address: Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Ferndale is one of the most expensive streets in the entire state of Minnesota. You can see houses that cost multiples of millions of dollars and feature some of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies.

You can’t get up close and personal with these houses, but you can drive along the street and gaze at the beautiful architecture and design.

Ferndale is just next to downtown Wayzata, so it’s only a slight detour from getting in and out of downtown. I highly recommend it if you see home design and architecture.

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Visit Wuollet’s Bakery for Breakfast

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (8)

Address: 795 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Wuollet’s is a family-run business that has been in Minnesota since 1944. Wuollet’s makes the best tortes, pastries, and unique European bread.

Wuollet’s has a family focus. Their baked goods consist of fun, decorated sugar cookies for the kids, well-made cupcakes (my favorite is Lady Baltimore), and gorgeous cakes for any occasion.

They also make the most exquisite wedding cakes in Minnesota! There are a few locations: Edina, downtown Minneapolis, St. Paul, Robbinsdale, and our favorite, Wayzata.

The Wayzata Wuollet’s is right off the main Lake Street. It is the perfect location when you’re doing holiday shopping and need to stop in to pick up your cake. You can order on their website and pick it up when it works.

Pick up a cake at Wuollet’s for your next event. You’ll be the star of the party!

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Paddle Board, Relax, and Picnic at Wayzata Beach

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (9)

Address: 220 Grove Ln E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Wayzata Beach is one of the best-kept secrets in downtown Wayzata. Right at the end of Lake Street is a hidden beach with a small parking lot. Here, you can rent paddleboards and kayaks or relax and watch all the boats cruise along Lake Minnetonka.

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (10)

The beach is quiet and not crowded despite being within walking distance of all the great restaurants. The beach is right next to 6Smith and Macanda. Stop in for a beer or bite to take a break from the sun.

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Like Rooftops? Go to the Roof at 6Smith

Address: 294 Grove Ln E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

Right next to Wayzata Beach is 6Smith – home to the only rooftop in Wayzata. 6Smith is known for its large portions and strong drinks. 6Smith boasts an excellent brunch.

From healthy fruit and yogurt parfaits to 5-bacon french toast, their brunch has something for everyone. 6Smith happy hour is excellent. They have the unique option of “good” and “better” wine at happy hour prices.

Instead of being stuck with the “house red” like most happy hours, you can choose what wine you want to experience. You can get a happy hour out on the patio, too. The best part about 6Smith is their rooftop with a spanning view of Lake Minnetonka and good eats.

Stop up on a weekend night in the summer and enjoy the lake views and incredible people-watching.

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Shop at Local Boutiques

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (12)

There are plenty of boutiques worth stopping by if you love to shop. From local boutiques to national staples, Wayzata has it all.

  • Five Swans: perfect for Christmas gifts, home goods, and locally inspired goodies. Five Swans has the best kitchenware in Wayzata and the best holiday gift selection.
  • Sun & Slope: The ultimate place for well-made outdoor clothes. Sun & Slope has the best selection of winter wear in the area. They have incredible winter gloves that will last you a lifetime. They also have great home additions – their pillows are perfect for any cabin or cozy room.
  • J.McLaughlin: the best men’s shop around. High-quality cashmere, well-made sweaters, shirts, socks, and ties. Stop in for the ultimate business ware.
  • Oh baby!: Get ready to buy everything. This baby store offers unique baby gifts and clothes made with the softest materials.
  • Schuler Shoes: shoes for every person! Schuler shoes bring in the highest quality, long-wear shoes. A perfect place to stop if you have sensitive feet and need good support.

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Live and Dine in Nautical Fashion at Cov Wayzata

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (13)

Address: 700 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

The Cov Wayzata is a coastal-chic restaurant with an outdoor patio and lake views. Cov offers a fresh menu of salads, sandwiches, and full plates.

The best part about Cov is the vibe. They created a space that feels like you are on the coast in an exclusive neighborhood on the east. Nautical themes bring together the midwestern-Lake Minnetonka vibe and the top-tier Hamptons style.

Their wine and co*cktail selection is coastal-inspired and changes with the season. Cov happy hour is every day – yes, even Saturday! And you can get a happy hour out on the patio.

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Visit the Train Depot with Kids

13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (14)

Address: 402 Lake St E, Wayzata, MN 55391, United States

The train depot used to be the heart of Wayzata. In the 1800s and early 1900s, city slickers would take the train to Wayzata to enjoy a holiday at the lake.

Today, the train depot is a local museum that teaches about the history of Wayzata right next to the train tracks that are still in operation! Stop inside to learn about the history and see old photographs.

Outside the train station is a miniature train that boasts some local landmarks. Kids love watching the small train go around the village, while parents laugh at the hidden jokes in the stores. The train depot holds a number of events throughout the year. Volunteers dress in colonial wear on the Fourth of July to celebrate the holiday. You can view their list of events on their website.

Wayzata is a happening city that has come a long way in the past few years. Plenty of restaurants, outdoor activities, and festivals fit all age groups.

You can bring the entire family to experience a weekend getaway or make a day trip from your stay in the Twin Cities. It’s a worthwhile trip to see true Minnesotan culture.

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13 Best Things to Do in Wayzata, Minnesota (From a Local) (2024)
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