2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (2024)

Order of the Golden Anchor Award

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (1)

Award Recipient: Roxanne Ebner LaMuth, Epsilon-Ohio State

This is the Delta Gamma Foundation's most prestigious award, given solely at the discretion of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Having only been awarded six times in the past 30 years, this recognition is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated, through major accomplishments, unequaled loyalty to the Delta Gamma Foundation. The recipient must fulfill the mission of the Delta Gamma Foundation in an extraordinary manner, that is unprecedented and lasting, and that leaves a significant impact on our Foundation and society.

Roxanne’s visionary leadership as Foundation executive director and as an advancement executive has changed the trajectory of the Foundation in profound and meaningful ways. While executive director, the Foundation embarked on its first-ever comprehensive campaign with a goal of $50 million. Roxanne’s work has made an unparalleled impact on generations of Delta Gammas and improved the lives of millions of people through Service for Sight. In her almost 16 years of service to Delta Gamma on staff, her contagiously positive attitude, adept relationship-and consensus-building skills, passion for Delta Gamma and deep belief in the mission of the Foundation and our philanthropy have distinguished her as exceedingly worthy of this recognition. From the time Roxanne was appointed executive director in 2014, to her transition to advancement executive in 2020, total Foundation assets grew 62%. The largest gift ever made to the Foundation, $5.5 million, was a direct result of Roxanne’s work. She has been and remains a role model to all who know her. Roxanne was presented this award at Convention in Palm Desert, CA. To view the photos used in a special slideshow during the award presentation click here. Congratulations to Roxanne on her retirement and an incredible career filled with service and sisterhood!

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (2)

Theta Chapter of Delta Gamma Collegiate Leadership Award Honoring Patricia Peterson Danielson

This award is sponsored by the Theta chapter to honor beloved Theta alumna Patricia Peterson Danielson, in appreciation of her deep commitment to and leadership within the Theta chapter, Delta Gamma, Indiana University and her community. The award honors a Delta Gamma collegian that has made and continues to make a significant leadership contribution to their campus, community, place of worship, state/province, nation or world in an area of philanthropy or philanthropic service.

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (3)

Winner: Kearney Miller, Zeta-Albion

Nominated by: Kelly Brown, Zeta-Albion, ATC

Kearney Miller joined the Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma in the spring of 2021. Throughout her time, she has served as the director of social awareness, vice president: social standards, and vice president: member education. She has also served two terms on Albion College’s Panhellenic Council as the vice president of service and philanthropy. On campus, she is a captain of the softball team, a member of the Student Volunteer Bureau, and a part of the Ford Institute for Public Policy and Service. She will graduate in May of 2025 with a B.A. in political science and history, intending on entering the nonprofit sphere focusing primarily on public spaces and community-based programming. She has spent two summers in Detroit as an intern for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing and maintaining the five-mile long riverwalk in the heart of the city. Supporting both the development and programming teams, she gets to work with fundraising and donor relations, but also directly with Detroit residents through public events. In her free time, Kearney enjoys birdwatching, weightlifting, and spending time with loved ones.

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (4)

The Catherine Stuart Schmoker Principled Alumnae Leadership Award

This award is sponsored by James and Helen Catherine (H.K.) Davis Stuart, Kappa-Nebraska to recognize their daughter’s commitment to Delta Gamma, her alma mater, her community and her church. The award honors a Delta Gamma alumna who has made, and continues to make, a significant leadership contribution to their community, place of worship, state/province, nation or world in an area of philanthropic service.

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (5)

Winner: Dr. Dae Caruso Sheridan, Delta Kappa-South Florida

Nominated by: Tampa alumnae chapter

Dr. Dae Sheridan is a proud 1991 initiate of Delta Kappa-South Florida.She is a licensed mental health counselor, board certified clinical sexologist and a certified rehabilitation counselor in private practice who returned to her alma mater, where she taught for 15 years in the department of child and family studies.

As an activist and advocate for quality mental health services and sexuality education for all, Dae provides pro-bono counseling services to those in need and regularly presents her research and participates as a featured expert for various professional organizations and media outlets, worldwide.

As a first-generation college student, it was in Delta Gamma that she first learned the word “philanthropy” and vowed to find ways to continue to do good throughout her life. Dae is known as a consummate volunteer, educator, mentor, leader, joiner, helper, do-er, fund-raiser, friend-raiser and party-thrower!

For the last 3 decades, Dae has supported countless non-profit organizations throughout her community, and has been recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as a “Healthcare Hero.”Since 2014, she has dedicated her time as an active member of the board of directors at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.

No stranger to the financial struggle many face during their student years, upon her retirement from the University of South Florida, Dae was particularly inspired by the phrase “First you learn, then you earn, then you return.” She has since established two distinct need-based scholarship funds at USF which reflect her own journey:

The Dr. Dae Sheridan Endowed Scholarship which provides financial assistance each semester to a graduate student in the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program, and the “DUE Good” Scholarship which pays dues for dedicated USF Delta Gamma collegians who otherwise wouldn’t be able to remain active.

A recent Cable Award recipient, Dae has served on the Delta Kappa Chapter Advisory team as rituals, honor board, alumnae relations, and programming advisor, is an active member of the Tampa alumnae chapter and is thrilled to host various fabulous DG events at her home throughout the year.

She happily spends her free time with her GDI husband of 26 years, and her two amazing children.

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (6)

H.K. Stuart Spirit of Service Award

The H.K. Stuart Spirit of Service Award is reserved for collegiate chapters and alumnae groups that exhibit the dedication and service exemplified in the life of Helen (H.K.) Davis Stuart, Kappa-Nebraska. This award was endowed by H.K.’s daughter Catherine Stuart Schmoker and her husband Richard.

Alumnae Group Applicants

Boulder alumnae chapter

Greater Naples alumnae chapter

Jackson alumnae chapter

Pittsburgh South Hills alumnae chapter

Louisville alumnae chapter

Tampa alumnae chapter

Alumnae Group Winner: Greater Naples alumnae chapter

Collegiate Chapter Applicants



Alpha Lambda-Drake

Beta Psi-Alabama

Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State

Gamma Phi-Arizona State

Delta Iota-Georgia

Delta Lambda-Mississippi State

Epsilon Epsilon-Tennessee Tech

Epsilon Sigma-San Diego State

Zeta Alpha-Villanova

Zeta Gamma-Richmond

Zeta Iota-Chapman

Eta Eta-Spring Hill

Theta Zeta-Florida Gulf Coast

Collegiate Chapter Winner: Zeta Gamma-Richmond

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (7)

Mildred Moyer Baynard Award for Excellence in the Field of Blindness

This award is given at each Convention and honors a local organization that has done exceptional work enhancing the lives of those with vision loss.

Recipients: Braille Insitute - Coachella Valley and Guide Dogs of the Desert

2024 Foundation Convention Award Winners | Delta Gamma (2024)
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