7 Tips for Growing the Most Glorious Beard, According to Master Barbers (2024)

For most men, growing a beard is always a possibility. Whether or not you actually do it depends how long you're willing to endure the uncomfortable and awkward stage of going from clean shaven to imperfectly scruffy. However, not all beards are the same, and some men have an easier time growing a beard than others. But if you really want to grow a beard, all it takes is a little commitment.

If you're ready to grow a beard, you can't do it alone. You need support in the form of beard-friendly products and a dedicated plan for how you want you want your beard to look. It's similar to starting a new exercise program: you have to have an idea of what you want the end goal to be, and you work backwards from there to figure out the steps to get you there. In order to reach that goal, you have to commit to the process, and most of all, be patient. You don’t get a six pack overnight and nor do you wake up with a flowing Jason Momoa beard after just a few weeks.

With proper planning and a carefully curated array of products, a beautiful beard is possible. But be wary of comparing you beard to others; you have to work with what you have and maximize your own beard's potential for the best results.

To help you along your beard-growing journey, we tapped Chris Brownless, owner of Northwest Barber Co. and Uppercut Deluxe ambassador and education manager for his best tips and tricks for bypassing the inevitable awkward stage and growing a beautiful beard ASAP.

How to Grow a Beard

Understanding your facial hair is the first step in both managing expectations and formulating a solid plan. You don’t have to have been bearded before to know what your facial hair is like. If you shave every day, you already understand how far down your neck your whiskers grow and what direction they grow in. If you’ve let yourself have a few days of stubble, you may already know whether the hair on your face comes in patchy or full, not to mention how quickly it grows.

These are all things to consider when you’re planning a beard. Patchy hair, for instance, may mean you need to go for a longer beard and thick, fast growing hair could mean you’re in for more regular trimming.

1. Take Care of Your Skin

    Healthy hair starts at the root. If you take good care of your skin, your hair will grow longer and faster. You might think of hair care and skin care as different, but they're actually intertwined when it comes to your beard.

    "A good skincare routine is key," says Brownless. "Growing healthy facial hair requires healthy skin, keeping your skin clean will allow your beard to grow healthier, and even faster!"

    2. Use Your Face Shape to Sculpt Your Beard

    Just like assessing your whiskers, you need to take a good, long look at your face. If beards are good for one thing, it’s enhancing or changing the shape of your face. Take a step back and consider the overall shape: if it’s round, a beard could make it look longer and leaner (by trimming the sides short and leaving length on the chin); if it’s an oval, it could make it look wider and more angular (by doing the opposite - leaving the sides longer); and if it’s square, it can soften the harsher angles (by trimming rounded angles).

    "We can’t change the shape of our chin, but we do have the power to shape a beard," says Brownless. "A good barber will be knowledgeable in how to manipulate a beard shape to suit you best and also compliment your hairstyle."

    Generally speaking, a beard should work to make your face as close to an oval as possible, but beards can also make jawlines look more angular and defined. Turn your head slightly to each side to see if you’re going to want to trim your beard with sharp angles in mind.

    "The main thing to keep in mind, and the hardest part of growing a beard, is that it isn’t necessarily going to look great or suit your face for the first few weeks," says Brownless. "Getting through that initial growth period can be tough, when you look in the mirror and it doesn’t look how you imagined. You’ve got to push through that stage until it’s grown out enough to be shaped and groomed, so hang in there!"

    3. Consider Shaving Your Face Before Growing a Beard

    It seems counterintuitive, but shaving could help grow a beard, at least at first. Many barbers recommend giving yourself a good, close shave to stimulate the hair follicles and possibly cut down on the amount of ingrown hairs you get once the hair starts to grow out. It’s also a way to prep skin to make sure your facial hair can grow out smoothly and without as much itch.

    "If [your hair is] really short, a clean shave can be a really good way to have a full reset, and it’s always fun to take a before and after photo!" says Brownless.

    Right out of the shower, apply a pre-shave oil and massage it into your skin to help the hairs stand up for easier shaving (it will also lubricate the skin to help cut down on razor burn). Then apply a thick shaving cream in a circular motion to create an even layer. Using a new blade on whatever kind of razor you prefer, begin shaving with the grain (the direction your hair grows). Don’t rush through it—make sure you’re taking smooth, even strokes to minimize nicks and cuts. Finish by rinsing off the cream and applying a moisturizing, alcohol-free lotion to calm and hydrate your skin.

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    You don't necessarily have to shave your face clean if you're wanting to grow a beard. If you're the kind of man who can grow a long stubble in a few days and your skin underneath is in good condition, Brownless suggests just going for it! Stay home for a week or so while your beard fills out and then give it a quick trim before doing the big debut. It may take up to a month before you really start to feel confident in your beard growth, but don't let that deter you from going out. It's all part of the process, so just embrace it.

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    4. Let Your Beard Grow for at Least Two Months Before Trimming

    After your *final* shave, step away from a razor. To start a beard, you have to be patient and just let it do its thing. Plan on allowing your facial hair to grow for at least two months before you start even considering trimming or shaping.

    "Go as long as you can before the first trim," says Brownless. "The more hair growth there is, the more options the barber has when giving it its initial shape. This can be tough, but [wait] until you feel like it’s really messy—then call in the pros."

    Knowing what you’re working with is key to cultivating a perfect beard and the only way to do that is to allow it to grow. You may be surprised— length can fill out and hide patchy areas and a beard could grow in fuller and thicker than you ever imagined.

    As your whiskers grow out, they can be itchy and uncomfortable, especially if the sensation is new to you. Many men who embark on bearded life don’t make it past the first month. To help soothe the itch, use a stubble balm to soften the shorter hairs of your beard and make them more tolerable or use a beard oil to help keep the skin underneath smooth and moisturized (dry skin will make your new beard itch more). If you feel like you could be mistaken for Bigfoot, it's time to see a barber for your first trim.

    "[Once] you’ve dialed in the perfect beard shape with your barber, ask them for their advice on how to tame any fly aways in between appointments, and for grooming/product recommendations to keep it healthy and in shape," says Brownless. The styling products you choose to use are crucial for taming your beard, so heed your barber's advice in their suggestions for your new hair care routine.

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    5. Plan Your Beard Lines

    There’s a caveat to not touching your growing beard: you still need to keep the lines crisp as it grows out to start creating what will be its final form. There’s a fine line between an intentional, well-maintained beard and just a bunch of wild growth and it all comes down to the neck.

    As you start to get some length to the facial hair, decide where you want your neck line to fall. Some men prefer a higher line, about an inch or so above the Adam’s apple, and some men like a slightly lower line. Visualize a “U” from ear to ear with the lowest part hitting where you want the neck line to fall (turn your head from side to side to make sure you see it from all angles). Then use a razor or trimmer to shave below it. When you look straight ahead in the mirror, you should not see any hair on your neck below your chin. The same goes for your cheeks—keep them free of straggling hairs creeping up from the main part of the beard.

    How crisp you keep those lines is up to you, but keeping your cheeks hair-free will say “I have a beard!” rather than “I haven’t shaved in a week!” Start experimenting with the lines as your beard grows out, so by the time you have enough length to start shaping it, you know exactly where you want the lines to fall.

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    6. Trim Your Beard Into Shape

    Congratulations—you’ve made it through the hardest part! Once you have about two months of beard growth, the fun part begins. You now have an honest-to-god beard and it’s time to give it some shape. Begin by washing it with a beard wash (bonus points if you follow with a beard conditioner) to help soften the hairs. Then, using downward motions, brush it out with a coarse-bristle beard brush, which helps to smooth the hair and immediately identify flyaways and stragglers. Use scissors to trim those errant hairs so they don’t stick out (also use these scissors on any mustache hairs that fall over your lips). Then using a beard trimmer with multiple guards, begin to trim your beard into the shape you want. Start with the longest guard and gradually work your way shorter as you shape it. If this all sounds go complicated to you, head to your barber to ask him to shape it for you - then all you have to do at home is maintain the edges.

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    7. Get Regular Trims

    Once you have your desired shape, it's important to get a trim every few weeks—about as often as you would get a haircut. Shape is everything when it comes to beards, and a few weeks of uninterrupted growth can take you from scruffy to fluffy real fast. Keep your beard in check by keeping a regular appointment with your barber or trimming every few weeks at home.

    Beard Products Help Your Beard to Look Its Best

    Now that you have a full, mighty beard of your own, it’s time to make it shine. Right after you trim it, use a few drops of beard oil to smooth and moisturize your facial hair. Beard oils work best if you massage them into the skin underneath as well, which can get dry easily when it’s covered by facial hair.

    Then use a beard cream or balm, depending on how coarse your facial hair is and how much control you want, to smooth it and shape it into place. You’ll want to do this routine often, even if you’re not trimming your beard (which you’ll want to do every two weeks or so). Use a beard wash every time you shampoo your hair (which should be about every two days) and brush your beard every day after you shower. This will help distribute the natural oils and keep the wiry hairs moisturized as well as exfoliate the skin underneath. Use your beard oil and balm after every time you wash it and on the days between as needed.

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    How We Selected

    For the past two years, we consulted with Men's Health's Grooming editors and writers on the top beard products for men. Experts including our Grooming Editor, Garrett Munce, and our Deputy Editor of Commerce, Christian Gollayan, tried dozens of beard products and evaluated their ingredients, feel, consistency, and effectiveness. We also considered top-reviewed beard products that had at least 100 five-star customer ratings on e-commerce websites that we trust.

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    7 Tips for Growing the Most Glorious Beard, According to Master Barbers (2024)


    What are the best tricks for beard growth? ›

    Exercising, reducing stress, a proper diet, getting enough sleep, and naturally boosting your testosterone will help your beard be healthier. Higher testosterone levels lead to a better chance of growing abundant facial and body hair.

    How can I grow my beard in 7 days naturally? ›

    Lifestyle Modifications for Faster Beard Growth Tips
    1. Diet and Nutrition. Some vitamins may help revive follicles that have stopped regrowing hair. ...
    2. Exercise. ...
    3. Sleep. ...
    4. Smoking. ...
    5. Cleansing and Moisturizing. ...
    6. Use a Safe and Gentle Beard Oil. ...
    7. Lastly, Be Patient. ...
    8. Brush Your Beard.
    Mar 25, 2023

    What actually helps beard growth? ›

    While protein is the main force encouraging thick beard hair, foods containing A, B, C and E vitamins all promote hair growth. Some ingredients rich in the right vitamins are spinach, sweet peppers, nuts, avocados, sweet potatoes and berries.

    What is the secret of beard growth? ›

    Maintaining a healthy skin care routine, including keeping the beard clean, can positively affect how a person's beard will grow and look. Exfoliating the face can help remove dead skin cells and debris from around each hair follicle, allowing the hair to grow through the skin unimpeded.

    What grows beard hair faster? ›

    What Your Body Needs To Grow A Healthy Beard:
    NutrientBenefit to Hair
    Omega-3 Fatty AcidKeep hair hydrated and shiny
    Vitamin ARegenerates cells and stimulates hair growth
    BiotinBoosts your body's keratin levels keeping hair strong and prevents breakage
    IronSupplies oxygen to cells around your hair encouraging growth
    3 more rows

    Does rubbing onions help beard growth? ›

    A time-tested natural ingredient, Onion is rich in Sulphur that increases blood supply to the hair follicles, which leads to healthier beard growth.

    How to increase testosterone for facial hair? ›

    TRT can be delivered as an injection, tablet, patch, gel or implant and will help to bring your testosterone back to a healthy range. With this, you'll see an improvement in all of your symptoms, including your facial hair growth.

    Does rubbing garlic help beard growth? ›

    Garlic is another great home remedy for beard growth. Garlic contains allicin, which helps to boost the circulation of blood in your body. This can help to strengthen your hair follicles and increase their size, as well as encourage new growth.

    What is the best oil for beard growth? ›

    Like moisturisers, essential oils don't directly lead to hair growth, however they do create the optimal conditions for growth. Essential oils are deeply nourishing for both skin and hair. The best essential oils to look for in beard oils include jojoba oil, argan oil and rosemary oil.

    Which vitamin is best for beard growth? ›

    Power of BIOTIN: Also known as Vitamin H, BIOTIN is known to boost keratin production, which helps grow a thick and healthy beard.

    Does drinking water help grow beard? ›

    We know dehydration can cause fatigue, irritability and lack of concentration but few are aware that it also affects hair growth and since you are on a website dedicated to beards, this may be especially important to you. Drinking the adequate amount of water actually supports growing a healthier and hydrated beard.

    What to put on my beard to make it grow? ›

    Beard Oil. A great tip I recommend for how to grow facial hair faster is to keep your beard moisturized. Using beard oil is a great way to keep your beard soft and can even increase the density of your hair.

    Does shaving increase beard growth? ›

    No — shaving hair doesn't change its thickness, color or rate of growth. Shaving facial or body hair gives the hair a blunt tip. The tip might feel coarse or "stubbly" for a time as it grows out. During this phase, the hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker.

    At what age does a beard grow fully? ›

    Your mid-20s to 30s are often considered the golden years for beard growth. As a matter of fact, most men don't hit peak beard growth until their early to mid thirties. This is when testosterone, the hormone primarily responsible for facial hair growth, peaks.

    What oil helps beard growth? ›

    Jojoba Oil

    The sebaceous glands in our skin produce sebum to keep it lubricated. This stifles beard growth, resulting in patchy, slow growth and even hair thinning. Daily use of jojoba oil helps to balance sebum levels, allowing your beard to grow at a healthy rate.

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