Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (2024)

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I don't want you to freak out while SeanJo handles Screencaps for a few days

One of the benefits of a bigger staff and growth here at OutKick is that I can now get away from the screen for a few days in the middle of the football season, something that has happened approximately zero times over the last decade. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I had a Monday and Tuesday off in November.

It's happening this weekend, but the editorial blog production schedule won't change. You'll get SeanJo's version of Screencaps tomorrow morning and then through Tuesday morning.

I'll be out gaining a new perspective on life and celebrating my wife's birthday. The goal is to ignore the Internet as Tennessee and Georgia get it on and baseball determines a World Series champion.

Mrs. Screencaps has put up with so much over the years during football season. The next four days are about turning off the phone -- unless it's from my text group telling me we won the Powerball.

Resident pilot Danny W is back

I was just thinking this week that we hadn't heard from Danny in a few days. I was starting to think he might've taken his own vacation.

Then look what shows up on a Thursday night.

• Danny W. writes:

Hey Joe, haven’t gotten many shots lately that are deserving of the high quality that Screen Caps Nation deserves. Had to reach into the archives to find this one. I think I’m gonna fire up the smoker and test out some of these Turkey recipes I’ve been reading about. Need to make sure I’ve perfected the cook for thanksgiving weekend. Cheers to the weekend SC Nation.

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (1)

Those annoying political ads -- we've already made up our minds!

• Jon U. in Dahlonega, GA might have a solution:

A while back we talked about using a VPN to get access to games that you might not see due to viewing restrictions. I have a theory about political ads but haven’t actually tried it. What if you find a state in the US that is not having any senatorial, gubernatorial, etc., races and then use your VPN to make it look like you’re in that state? Then all the political ads you normally get over the Internet should go away I would think. Maybe one of your readers has tried this…

I can tell you I’m sick of Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock ads here in Georgia and I hear there is a chance that they may have to do a runoff race which will mean two more months of their ads.

Keep up the great work!

• Louie in Savannah, GA writes:

Had to share this...

While reading CAPS this morning and getting your take on the constant bombardment of political ads, I looked down and saw Herschel talking to me (on mute).

The ads are relentless here in GA as well, YouTube especially.

The other day my 9-year-old was watching videos on tv and yelled out, "I'm so sick of Raphael Warnock." I told him, me too buddy (in so many ways). lol

As a side note, I can't get over how much my sons are addicted to YouTube. They would watch it for 20 hours a day if we let them. They watch mostly non-sense too; it's nuts.

I have tried to get them into Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, etc like we had growing up, and they like it, but YouTube is king.

It is what it is.

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (2)

• Brian in Knoxville, TN writes:

I feel you on the political ad bombardment. Fortunately for this year's election cycle in Tennessee, there aren't any close races and I'm living pretty much a political ad-free life duringmy TV viewing and radio listening here.

I'm sure your experience in Ohio is similar to those in PA, GA, AZ, MI, FL, NH, NY, TX, NC and a few others I'm probablyleaving out because of thecloseraces in those places. I'm sure in 2024 here in TN it will be back to mostly political ads I'll actually be happy when it's a cheesy insurance company commercial.

I've lived in NW Ohio on and off since 1995 and I couldn't remember seeing a political ad for Rep. Marcy Kaptur before this year. She's been in office 39 years! Seriously, she was sworn into Congress in 1983.

Redistricting and 40-year-high inflation has made life harder for Kaptur and now she's in a fight for her political life against 42-year-old J.R. Majewski, who doesn't even have a Wiki page. I might be exaggerating here, but it feels like Kaptur has run more ads during this cycle than all her previous elections combined. It's wild.

Throw in an open Senate seat and it's nuts here.

• Screencaps oice-over guy Mike L. says hold up just a minute. These political ads pay his bills.

I'm kind of okay with the political commercials, even if they don't align with my views. One of the hazards of the game for me.

Keep pumping out the awesome content, you are the master.

That's Mike's voice in this political ad:

How does someone get into the political ad voice-over business?

Mike explains:

Years ago, I worked at Disneyland and then got into radio, working at a station down the street. I always liked the commercial production end of things, much less cutthroat, and learned how to do that. Went to work for a cable operator in anaheim and voiced about 95% of the stuff that came through. Got out of radio and raised kids, but always missed that part of the business. A friend suggested that I start doing voice over, could still work a regular job and send auditions in my off time. Been doing that for a few years now, finding out the importance of marketing and slowly making inroads in the business.

Spanish roadside signs

Mike T. is under very specific orders while in Europe as part of his correspondence job with Screencaps: Send back the unique.

• Mike T. writes:

One of the fun things in Spain is the huge met Bulls that are like billboards next to the freeway They're two stories high.

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (3)

And this is fast food in Salamanca, Spain, according to Mike T.:

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (4)

And more tapas!

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (5)
Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (6)

Finally, how about some meat & go!

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (7)

Katy, is that you?

As an old newspaper employee, I have to say I was floored to see Katy Perry tweeting this. I'm still not sure if she was hacked by some old newsie blue checkmark or if she's just this romantic about the newspaper business. Keep in mind, she's 38.

Having a beer with dad

Thursday, we heard from Hugh on having a beer with dad. Hugh wrote about how he lost his son to drinking and how he was a have a beer with dad type of parent.

• Jim M. in West Lafayette, IN writes:

I felt compelled to write this after reading Hugh's contribution on potential reasons to not have that beer with your 18-year-old son. First, I respect every parent's decision on this particular point. Second, losing a child is incredibly difficult, and he has my condolences. I never want to bury any of my children.

That being said, there are a few points he makes in support of his position that do not hold up to further scrutiny. I am not a licensed addiction counselor, but I have been responsible for employer EAP programs, and have had to deal with employees that could not get out of the way of alcohol.

I have had multiple conversations with college administrators having to deal with the 21st birthday party problem, and I have my own experience which is way too far in the rear-view mirror to perhaps be germane to this topic, butthe kids who were not exposed to alcohol before they got to college were the ones flunking out early because they couldn't handle it.

Our kids were exposed at very early ages, allowed to have wine or beer at special dinners as they grew up, well before they were 18. We were looking to de-mystify it. It was all around the extended family, full of Germans and Irish who came to the USA and brought their love of beer and spirits with them.

The issue of not handling your alcohol and becoming addicted to it can happen to anyone at anytime, if you cannot handle it, you just can't. But that is a minority of the population, and my experience has been that the creation of making alcohol the pearl of great price by making it illegal until 21 has had unfortunate consequences. The alcoholism rates in Germany, France, Spain and Italy, with much lower drinking ages are significantly below that of the US, making anyone suggesting starting drinking later protects you to be total nonsense.

If we were serious about properly introducing our teens to alcohol we would do something entirely different. We would allow them to order wine or beer with their parents in a restaurant when they are say 16, and without when they are 18. Liquor and carry out maybe a bit differently. I'd suggest looking at what those European countries I referenced are doing and find a way to copy it.

Finally, it is a great idea to give them the get out of jail free card so to speak by calling when they are in a bad spot and shouldn't drive. No lectures or questions that night, but a conversation the following morning. We did that when our kids were that age. Highly recommend.

Pork fat cap!

• Kenny in Cumming, GA writes ahead of Saturday's big game:

Chiming in on fat cap discussion. Certainly no right way, just many ways. I highly recommend keeping the fat cap, scoring it, and cooking it up on the top rack of smoker. Scoring it will add some nice bark texture, plus it’s a delicious snack when pulling it. I use my grill too much so I do whatever I can to keep it clean with a pan underneathit.

Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (8)

And with that, we're ready for the weekend. You have had plenty of pork fat cap advice. You should know how to cook a turkey. You should know more about Spain after this week.

Now go out there and have a great time at those college football parties. Remember, the Vols and Dawgs get it on at 3:30 ET on CBS. I have the Vols in this one. I know, I know...going into Sanford Stadium will be a huge challenge, but it just feels like we've arrived at one of those games where Heisman Trophy winners are determined. Hendon Hooker has been insanely good and he has weapons. It feels like the Vols will pick off a Stetson Bennett pass late in the game and Clay Travis will end up crying happy tears in Athens.



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Bama Grad Katrina Pacensa Invades The Bahamas, Thug Life Mattress Mack & The Leaning Tower Of Pizza (2024)
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