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Welcome to the Investors Hub User Handbook!

The Community Guidelines will help Users get a feel for the vibe we’re looking for when participating on InvestorsHub ("iHub"). It is not an all encompassing checklist of what is/isn’t allowed here, but rather to help people understand the community and how to easily participate here.

These Guidelines are applicable to Stock Specific Boards - i.e., boards that have (or once had) a trading ticker associated with them. Less stringent enforcement of many of these rules is allowed on general topic boards.

When it comes to investment discussions, iHub welcomes all opinions irrespective of investment sentiment. To do otherwise would be a disservice to the public interest.

Useful Links:

  • Community Guidelines
  • Moderators' Guidelines
  • Site Options
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1 Communicating with iHub Admins
  • 2 Site Features
    • 2.1 Stock Boards versus Premium Boards
    • 2.2 Member Profiles
    • 2.3 Composing Posts
    • 2.4 Member Signatures
    • 2.5 Member Profile and Images
    • 2.6 Ignore Feature
    • 2.7 Image Upload Feature
  • 3 Related Pages

Communicating with iHub Admins

For contact information regarding Login Assistance, Legal Matters, Copyright Infringement or Advertising, please refer to the Contact Us page which is linked at the bottom of every page on the website.

Users here have many options to communicate directly with the iHub Website Admins. Outlined below are the most efficient ways to get your questions or concerns addressed in the most timely manner,

  • Report TOS Violation link found on every public post is the best way of communicating with Site Admins. The violation reports go into a queue that Admin reviews frequently throughout the day.
On each post you will see “More.” When clicking you’ll be given a drop down screen of various options. Choose “Report” and the form is pretty self-explanatory.
  • You can use the “Report” option to request your own post be removed if you accidentally submitted it twice or if you’re requesting an Author Removal.
  • Let us know if you see anything that looks extremely vulgar or p*rnographic.
  • You and another Moderator disagree whether a post should be removed or restored? Click “Report” and let Admin decide.
  • Someone appears to be doxing you or someone else? Report the post and specify Violation of Privacy. If you are a moderator, after submitting the report go ahead and remove the post.
Please refer to FAQ:Reporting Violations for more information.
Note there is a comment section, so in most cases there is no need to send a PM to Admin after reporting and commenting.
  • . It's highly recommended that Users review The Question and Answer Board and follow the discussion there. In addition to Site Admins, there are many knowledgeable & helpful Users who offer timely answers to questions that you may have about the site. In many ways, it is the "hub" of iHub.
  • Deletion Review. If you believe someone removed your post in error, go to Mailbox and click on the “Removed” tab. This will allow you to send a request to Admin to review the deletion and to provide any optional comments.
  • Requests to Moderate. Think you’d be a great Moderator on a board? Click on “Add Me as a Moderator” in the About section of the board. These go into a queue that Admin reviews in the ordinary course of business.
  • Private Message Admin. Lastly, if you still have questions outside of the above, please send a Private Message (available to all logged-in users) to IH Admin. This will allow the first available Admin to assist you and will elicit the quickest response.When sending any Admin a message, it’s imperative that you include a link to what it is you’re asking about.
    • Private Messages sent to IH Admin appear in all Admin inboxes. This allows the first available Admin to assist you and will elicit the quickest response.
    • Please do not submit the same request to multiple Admins.
    • There should already be a link to the IH Admin in your Favorite People. If not, you can add it to your Favorites for quick access.
    • When sending any Admin a message, it’s imperative that you include a link to what it is you’re asking about.

We encourage and welcome constructive input from our user community and routinely implement changes suggested by Users. However; we do not welcome disruptive or non-constructive communications, or attacks on iHub itself or our staff. Persons who find themselves unable to refrain from attacking iHub and/or its staff, including but not limited to 1) threats of reporting us to [insert list of the usual "name dropped" agencies here], 2) threats of litigation, 3) promises of ensuring our demise, 4) accusations of criminality, conspiracy, or any other alleged violation of law, or 5) vulgar or abusive PMs, should avail themselves of their prerogative to cease using the site immediately as we have no interest in hearing it. Those unwilling or unable to respect those guidelines will be asked to refrain and, failing that, will be shown to the exit.

Site Features

Stock Boards versus Premium Boards

There are three different types of boards on Investors Hub: 1) stock-specific (has or had a trading ticker), 2) general investment discussion, and 3) topics that aren’t necessarily related to stocks or investing.

  • Stock Specific: There is one board for each company, fund or crypto. Duplicate boards will be removed. There are volunteer Moderators (users like yourself) who volunteer their time to try to keep the community discussion about the board topic while allowing some friendly commentary along the way. Anyone can view and registered users can participate in the discussion on these boards. iHub Admins oversee the addition and removal of user-moderators on these boards.
  • General Investment Discussion: These are boards without a ticker. The Moderators created these boards for discussion of sectors, price ranges, market value ranges, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc. These boards are usually in the Free Zone and available to all Users. However, some (original) Moderators choose to make their board “Premium”. (In rare cases, Admin may change the board to Premium if the Moderators are not keeping the discussion primarily related to stocks.) On Premium boards anyone can read the board, but only iHub Premium subscribers can post on the board. The lead moderator on these boards, usually the board's creator, has the ability to add/remove assistant moderators.
  • Other Premium Boards: These boards can be read by all Users. Only iHub premium subscribers can participate in the discussion.
    • Lounge Boards: These can be about music, cars, recipes, biking, TV shows - whatever you’re interested in talking about.
    • Political Boards: If politics are your thing, there is likely a board for you here.

Member Profiles

When other Users click on your alias it takes them to your Profile. This is the place that you can tell people a little about your personality and trading/investing philosophies, if you so choose. From your profile, you can click on Edit My Profile to make changes.

Please keep in mind any information in your profile must adhere to the TOS.

We highly recommend that you not disclose any personally identifying information here (email address, etc). Remember all Members have access to this information.

Please refer to FAQ:Member Profiles and FAQ:Signatures for more information.

Composing Posts

Please refer to FAQ:Composing Posts for more information including adding bold, italics and images to your posts.

Use of Automation - iHub discourages the use of automation to refresh, crawl or post to the website. If a automated refresh is used, the minimum permissible frequency is once per minute. Scripted posting should be throttled to no more than once every 30 seconds, and may be disallowed if found to be excessive or abusive. Users found to be manipulating site content and/or metrics through any means, including but not limited to automation, are subject to administrative sanctions up to and including account termination.

Member Signatures

The comments above where the signature is added are pretty self explanatory:

  • Please do not put sounds in signatures and keep images as small as possible.
  • No racy/sexual/scantily-clad pictures.
  • No mention of specific stocks/tickers or links to stock specific boards.
  • No links off the site.
  • No solicitation.
  • No political or religious images/text.
  • No comments about ihub members or ex-members.

Note new signatures will not be attached to your posts until being selected as your default in My Signatures

If you see a violation, please send a private message to IH Admin

Please refer to FAQ:Signatures for additional information.

Member Profile and Images

  • Status Messages and Images are subject to the terms of the Terms of Service (TOS).
  • No racy/sexual/scantily-clad pictures.
  • No mention of specific stocks or links to stock-specific boards.
  • No links off the site.
  • No political or religious images/text.

Ignore Feature

How to Ignore Another User

Image Upload Feature

Available on the "Other" navigation button on the Image Upload tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Site Admins

Stuff pending review:

Message Board Subscriptions

Deletion Review

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